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Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety Disorders & Treatment Options

An anxiety disorder is a type of mental health condition that causes extreme and irrational fear. The National Institute of Mental Health estimates that 18% of Americans have an anxiety disorder in any given year, but most people don’t seek treatment. Why? Because they think it’s normal to feel anxious or worried sometimes. Anxiety disorders are different from normal anxiety because they’re more intense and they last longer than four weeks. Keep reading to learn more about the inpatient anxiety treatment program in South Florida at New Vision Healing Center and discover how we can help you find long-term healing from anxiety.

Clinical Offerings

  • CBT
  • DBT
  • Individual Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Medication Management

Experiential Therapies

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Fitness & Exercise
  • Art Therapy
  • Group Outings

Aftercare Services

  • Individual Therapy
  • Outpatient Treatment
  • Alumni Program
  • Medication-Assistance
  • Housing Placement

Signs & Symptoms of Anxiety

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental health disorder in the U.S., affecting more than 40 million Americans. Anxiety disorders can be debilitating and interfere with your ability to live a normal life.

Signs and symptoms of anxiety include:

We wanted to create a space that promotes wellness and healing through individualized attention and compassionate therapeutic approaches.


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When you're in South Florida and have anxiety, it can feel like there's nowhere to turn, but we can help.

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The Different Types of Anxiety Disorders We Treat in South Florida

There are many different types of anxiety disorders, but they can be grouped into three main categories:

Panic Disorder

A person with panic disorder has recurring panic attacks that cause intense fear, worry and physical symptoms (like sweating or feeling dizzy). These attacks can happen at any time, even during sleep.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder

People with generalized anxiety disorder have persistent feelings of worry and tension that interfere with their daily life and routines. They may also experience muscle tension, fatigue and problems sleeping as part of this condition.

Social Anxiety

People who have social anxiety disorder feel extremely shy around other people or in new situations where they might be judged by others because they're afraid they'll do something embarrassing or make mistakes while talking to someone else; these fears can lead them not being able to complete tasks at work because they're too nervous about having meetings with coworkers or bosses.

When you come to our center, we work with you to understand the underlying causes of your anxiety and help you find a treatment that works for you. Our treatment methods are effective and gentle, so you can feel better without feeling like you’re being “treated.” We don’t just talk about what’s wrong—we work with our clients to figure out the root causes of their anxiety, and then we work on addressing those issues at their source.

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Inpatient Anxiety Treatment in South Florida

Anxiety disorders are treatable, but they can be difficult to manage. The symptoms of anxiety disorders can be treated in an outpatient setting, but if you have a severe case of anxiety or if your symptoms are not improving with traditional therapy, an inpatient treatment center may be the best option for you.

Inpatient anxiety treatment centers provide safe and comfortable surroundings where you can focus on getting better without the distractions of home life or work obligations. These facilities offer individualized treatment plans designed to meet your specific needs so that you feel supported throughout the recovery process. In addition to providing ample time for rest and relaxation away from everyday stresses, these facilities also offer group sessions where patients are encouraged to share their experiences with one another–this type of peer support is invaluable when trying cope with mental illness.

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Learn to Live With Anxiety at New Vision Healing Center

There are many different types of anxiety disorders, and each one requires different treatment methods. If you or someone you know suffers from an anxiety disorder, it is important to seek help as soon as possible. We can help answer any additional questions you may have when it comes to seeking treatment at our anxiety treatment center in South Florida. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing the most effective treatments for anxiety in South Florida. We provide a wide range of treatment options, and we’ll work with you personally to find a solution that’s tailored to your needs and goals. Contact us today to begin your journey towards long-term healing.

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